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Members are represented in public/private sector fronts such as the social partnership between government, the private sector and the trade union movement. Read about our MOU with the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce.


Get the critical assistance and information you need on potential joint ventures and to facilitating direct links with key local and regional business leaders and organisations. See pictures from June's Mix & Mingle.

Business Facilitation

We lobby government for improvements in state-run mechanisms that influence productivity and efficiency of businesses, such as VAT, international transport, customs and excise and commerce. Read about the Nova Scotia Trade Mission

July Business Luncheon - “Business Opportunities in Difficult Economic Times”

Renowned expert Mr. Walker (pictured) will share insight on how organisations can create opportunities for business under the present circumstances. He has been quoted in the Financial Times, Management Today and other renowned journals. In 2012, he was the keynote speaker at the Barbados Entrepreneurship Forum. Mr. Walker also sits on the advisory board of London University and is much in demand by growing businesses around the world. He is Chair of the Powerlist Education Foundation that supports young students in various parts of the world. This event is sponsored by Caribbean LED Lighting, a company with a passion for all things environmental, reducing its carbon footprint and helping its customers to do the same.

PR: The Municipal Solid Waste Tax – Challenges and Suggestions

Barbados municipal solid waste tax, tracey shuffler, Barbados tax

On the point of cash flow impact on some businesses, the BCCI reports that a number of companies are struggling to collect monies owed for goods and services sold to Government and this is having a punishing effect on their ability to continue trading. Considering the now available “one view” of the taxpayer at the Barbados Revenue Authority, the BCCI is proposing that those businesses owed monies by the Government be allowed to offset this new tax fully against these long outstanding receivables where applicable. It is further suggested that for all commercial property owners, the first payment of the MSWT be penalty and interest free until the second payment is due on December 31, 2014. - Read inside for the full release.

Read BCCI President Tracey Shuffler's June Business Luncheon Speech

june business luncheon, Barbados currency peg, Barbados devaluation, tracey shuffler

“Defending the Barbados Currency Peg – A Matter of National Priority."
Some people have bristled at our choice of topic this month, even leveling the accusation that we are being irresponsible to address the issue of defending the Barbados currency peg at a public forum such as this. However, quite the opposite, we have chosen to bring the hushed and frequent questions which persist into the open and hopefully address them directly. We are of the view that ignoring concerns of the business community is what is irresponsible and avoiding a sensitive issue and hoping it ceases to be a talking point in Board rooms and on talk shows instead of addressing it directly is in fact fueling a flame. - Tracey Shuffler, BCCI President.


The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is aware of the weakening macroeconomic fundamentals that prevail and has consistently called on Government to make some adjustments, to address the spiralling expenditure and augment the revenue collection, so as to ensure that the gains we have made over the last few decades, are not eroded. We have written letters, held meetings, requested feedback and made some proposals, but to date we are not convinced that there is any real sign of repair to this struggling economy. It is against this backdrop that BCCI has carefully observed the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure (ERE) and today shares its perspective.

Phil Walker: China will revive our fighting spirit!

"China will be the world’s largest economy – it never left the top five – but English will be the world’s business language. Culture flows both ways. Some of the things we take for granted – language, theatre, arts, administration and management – will be highly valued services at premium prices. This boom in services is already being felt in Europe. The UK will respond as it has always done to macro change. It will educate slowly, adapt far faster than most people acknowledge and innovate with increased alacrity. China is a constant force eight gale of change that must and will be embraced." Phil Walker, CEO of Summerswood Ltd, a consulting firm that helps clients with their sales, customer and acquisition strategy. He will be the guest speaker at the BCCI's luncheon on 30 July 2014 at Hilton Barbados Resort at midday. Call 434-4750 for details. This event is sponsored by Caribbean LED Lighting.

July Luncheon Speaker Phil Walker on Doing Business in Africa

july 2014 business luncheon, phil walker bcci, caribbean led lighting,

"Analysts have noted that Africa is the world’s last great emerging market, with the youngest and fastest-growing population in a land rich in natural resources. The debate is how soon the potential of 930 million people is to be realised given war, famine and political constraints. Graduates, educated at Oxford and Harvard, are returning to the continent with a product more important than money – intellectual capital. This precious commodity is mirroring the educative capital flow that kick-started India." - Phil Walker. He will address the BCCI on 30 July 2014 on the topic "Business Opportunities in Difficult Economic Times." This takes place at Hilton Barbados Resort from midday. Call 434-4750 for more details!

Annual Report 2013.

Read our Code of Ethics, Annual Report, minutes and financial statements. It's all INSIDE!